Tomato Powder


A great natural  flavour enhancer and thickener.


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This Tomato Powder is 100% pure and natural, nothing added like salt or citric acid to boost flavour and nothing taken away, selected fresh sun ripened tomatoes are peeled, deseeded, concentrated and air dried.Tomato powder is a incredibly convenient and versatile ingredient to use, it has a sweet concentrated tomato flavour which instantly re-hydrates with water to make a thick paste/puree through to a refreshing juice drink (depending on volume of water diluted with). Make up what you need in seconds, no more opening tins or jars and only using one portion and letting the rest go to waste. Will make a great base for soups, sauces or just to thicken stews, casseroles, curries, bolognaise, chilli con carne or use to flavour burgers, sausages and in bread making to name but a few! 



  1 Part Tomato Powder to 2-3 Parts Water to make a thick paste/puree

1 Part Tomato Powder to 10 Parts Water to make a passata/sauce base

     1 Part Tomato Powder to 20 Parts Water to make a base for a juice drink

Suitable For Vegetarians, Vegans, Coeliacs, Diabetics, Kosher, Lactose Intolerance, Nut/Seed Allergies.


Ingredients: Tomato Powder 100%.


For Allergens:  See ingredients in UPPERCASE and Bold.


GM Status: This product does not contain any genetically modified material or derivatives of genetically modified material.


Recommended Usage Rate: Use to taste.


Nutritional Information:  Typical values per 100gms.
Energy   Kcals 321 Carbohydrate 58.2
Kjoules 1356 Sugars 43.9
Fat 0.4 Fibre 16.5
Saturated Fat 0.1 Salt 0.3
Protein 12.9    


Please Note: The salt and sugar content of a typical 100gms value is naturally occurring.


Suitable for:  Vegetarians: Yes.                           Vegans: Yes.                                Coeliacs: Yes.


Kosher Certified: Yes.                                      Halal Certified: Yes.


Shelf Life and Storage: From date of manufacture, stored in unopened original containers in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and free from infestation – 12 months.


Country of Manufacture: Morocco.


Statement: The above product has been manufactured in compliance with Salsa Food Safety standards and conforms to all current UK Food Regulations.

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