Habanero Chilli Powder


A strong aroma and pungent heat.


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The Habanero Chilli Pepper gets its name from the Cuban city of La Habana (Havana) and is from the same family of chillies as the scotch bonnet. The Habanero has an incredible heat level, to put it into some prospective it is 30-50 times hotter than a Jalapeno Chilli, which is considered hot by many people, but once past the incredible heat the Habanero has a wonderful distinctive tropical fruit flavour, so if using whole, flake or powder they go very well with recipes/foods containing tropical fruits and tomatoes.


Ingredients: 100% Habanero Chillies (Capsicum chinense).  


For Allergens:  See ingredients in UPPER CASE and Bold.


Pungency: 130,000 – 250,000 SHU’s (typically – pungency can vary in nature). 


GM Status: This product does not contain any genetically modified material or derivatives of genetically modified material.


Recommended Usage Rate: Use to Taste.   


Nutritional Information:  Typical values per 100gms
Energy   Kcals 376 Carbohydrate 29.4
Kjoules 1562 Sugars 10.3
Fat 17.3 Fibre 27.2
Saturated Fat 3.3 Salt Trace
Protein 12.0    


Please Note: The salt and sugar content of a typical 100gms value is naturally occurring.


Suitable for:  Vegetarians: Yes.                          Vegans: Yes.                                Coeliacs: Yes.

Kosher Certified:                                                 Halal Certified:


Shelf Life and Storage: From date of manufacture, stored in unopened original containers in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and free from infestation – 12 months.


Country of Manufacture: Mexico.


Statement: The above product has been manufactured in compliance with Salsa Food Safety standards and conforms to all current UK Food Regulations

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