Dry Falafel Mixes

For many years Falafel has been a tasty Middle Eastern snack/appetizer (Meze), that’s quick and easy to prepare and cooks within minutes, the original fast food. Our dry falafel mix just needs mixing with water, left to stand for 10 minutes, then formed into what shape you like, (small patties, round or sausage shape) once cooked the falafel can be served hot or cold, but is best served when still hot and crispy in warmed pita bread or wraps and garnished with salad, pickles, yoghurt and mint/tahini dressing, hummus or a hot chilli sauce.
: Gluten Free : Wheat Free : Dairy Free : Suitable for Vegetarians : Suitable for Vegans
: Suitable for Lacto Intolerance : Low in Fat : A good source of vegetable Protein

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